Sunday, September 5, 2010


As well as being a writer, I'm a dad.  In fact, I'm a dad first, then a writer.  My boys are first and foremost in my mind every minute of every day, and it is because of them that I most want to write.  A job like this, where I can work around their schedules, is the greatest chance I can have to make a life that I would have wanted growing up.  A parent at my beck & call any time of day?  That's the best! 
Right now, my eldest boy is gearing up for pre-school.  On one hand, my heart is breaking because my little boy is already heading off to school, albeit for two-and-a-half hours two days a week.  On the other, he's going to love it so much because he's the coolest kid in town (not even biased a little bit) and can't wait to meet all the other kids.  It's a good thing, but smelly old dad might shed a few when he drops the little man off.
My youngest is currently addicted to blueberries.  I swear to God he threw down a half-pound of blueberries BEFORE dinner.  I'm impressed more than anything.
Let's talk parenthood.  Dads?  Soon-to-be dads?  Mums?  Anyone, really.  Books and kids, that's what this is all about here at Mahervolous Books.
Peace y'all, and talk to you soon.

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