Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big news! Big, big news!

The kind of news that needs to be shouted from the mountains, and I daren't tell anyone yet.

That's right, I said daren't.  And I'll say it again.

I'm holding it in, letting it percolate in my brain for just a few more days, until I get the official say-so that I can proclaim from the highest peaks my amazing news.

I wonder if it's the kind of news that's amazing to me, but not so to others. 

Like when you get a root canal, and you describe it in great detail to the first person you meet.  That person wasn't really looking for the description of what you smelled when the dentist was drilling five inches deep into your gumline, yet you told them anyway.

Is this that kind of news?

I don't think so.  No teeth were drilled in this process.

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